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See passenger volume before your train arrives and move to a better platform position with Seetz
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Standing Room Only

Getting a train seat on popular routes, particularly in rush-hour, can prove difficult. Where to stand on the platform and choosing your carriage has always been somewhat of a lottery. Often finding yourself scrabbling up or down the platform, once a packed carriage has stopped before you.

Covid-19 has increased the need for safe passenger space further.

The Seetz app aims to help alleviate this problem, by allowing travellers to see real-time carraige passenger volume for the next arriving train. It will then direct you to a platform position with the most optimum chance of getting a seat.

Seetz Platform Location

How Seetz Works

Using GPS, Seetz locates the current station and platform you're standing at. It combines this data with train timetables, to display the destination and arrival time of the next train at that particular platform.

Your train platform position

See Next-Train Carriage Volume

Seetz uses currently boarded passenger data to display approximate carriage passenger numbers. It translates this information into a heat map; red being capacity, yellow busy and green - seating likely. This information can then be viewed by travellers on the platform before their next train arrives.
See Busy Carriages See Busy Carriages
Seetz Platform Position Guidence

Move Platform Position

Based on your position, Seetz will direct you up or down the platform, to a standing position opposite the projected stopping point of the quietest carriage. Thus increasing your chances of getting a seat and not having to stand for the journey.

Seetz directed train platform position
Seetz Platform Position Guidence

Platform Position Reached

Seetz visually (and audably if needed) indicates when you have reached the new platform position recommended. This will be opposite the stopping point of the emptiest carriage on the next arriving train.

Seetz directed train platform position
Carriage Seating Data

Data is King

Once the train arrives, and you've boarded, you're prompted to record your seat success. This allows the app to build an accessible record of your past platforms, directed positions and seating achievements. Over time this data will positively help shape your future carriage choice trends.

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Early Adoption

Seetz is currently at the development stage. If you would like to learn more about the project, collaborate, or become an early adopter of the application, please complete this form.

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